Le Congrès 2011 fait les manchettes

Normand Forgues-Roy
Fédération canadienne des sciences humaines

Quand vient le temps de comprendre le monde qui nous entoure, sous quelque aspect que ce soit, les chercheurs en sciences humaines sont souvent appelés à intervenir dans les médias. Quand vous réunissez plus de 5 000 chercheurs au même endroit pour une semaine de discussions et de débats, les médias prêtent l’oreille. La couverture médiatique du congrès témoigne de l’importance, pour l’information, de la perspective apportée par nos disciplines. Pour l’équipe des communications de la fédération, contribuer à diffuser la recherche en sciences humaines est une de nos priorités, notre fierté. Voici un aperçu des sujets qui ont fait les manchettes.

Leçons d’histoire – Si l’histoire est garante de l’avenir, les défenseurs des classes non-mixtes devraient prêter l’oreille à ce que Christopher Grieg a à dire. Le professeur à la faculté de l’...


Discover East Coast Charm at Congress 2011

Ryan Saxby Hill Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

A team from the Federation made the short trek from Ottawa to Fredericton last week for the annual Congress planning meeting. This trip gave us a chance not only to get information out to our over 150 Program Chairs and Local Arrangements Coordinators for 2011, but we also got a taste for the maritime hospitality that Fredericton is famous for. Being an east-coaster myself, I'm a bit biased, but I can say with certainty that the team at UNB and STU and the Fredericton community are ready to put on quite a show next May. This will be the biggest event...


Congress 2010 begins!

The 79th Congress of the Humanities is underway at Concordia University in Montreal. Over the next 8 days,  we look forward to welcoming over 9000 delegates from across Canada and around the world.

Be sure to visit our Experience Congress website to find out up-to-the-minute details about what’s happening downtown Montreal at this exciting event. Here you’ll find video and podcasts of recent lectures, in-depth blog posts, a...


Top Five Reasons to Register for Congress 2010

Alison Faulknor, Director of Programs

Most of you reading this blog do not need convincing to attend Congress 2010 held at Concordia University in Montreal this spring (May 28th – June 4th).  Just ask one of the 8,600 people who gathered in Ottawa last year at Carleton University.

With the theme of Connected Understanding/ le savoir branché as a jumping-off point, there are many reasons why scholars - at all stages in their careers, community members and policy-makers will choose to attend. Here are five:

1)      Stimulate the Mind – In recent years, Congress has been declared a “meeting of the minds” and...